Yamaha THR-II: The Next Generation of the Successful Amplifier

Yamaha THR-II: The Next Generation of the Successful Amplifier
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Yamaha launches its new THR-II amplifier, the second generation of the successful digital line of the Japanese company. It brings new features like wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

The evolution in digital amplifiers

Yamaha’s renowned line of digital guitar amps has been expanded. Now, the Yamaha THR includes three new models: THR10II, THR10II Wireless and THR30II Wireless. All three models include bluetooth capability, allowing for music playback and amp control via the THR Remote app.

The THR10II and THR10II Wireless are rated at 20 watts, while the THR30II Wireless is rated at 30 watts. The THR30II Wireless is also the only model in the range with 1/4 inch / 6.5mm line outputs.

Yamaha THR30II with 6.5mm / 1.4 "outputs
Yamaha THR30II with 6.5mm / 1.4 “outputs

Both “Wireless” models include a rechargeable battery, so you can play anywhere. It also has a wireless receiver compatible with the Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter. The transmitter is sold separately.

Aesthetics of the new Yamaha THR-II

The aesthetics of the Yamaha THR-II amplifiers have not been far from their ancestors. They keep the retro styling, carry handle and compact form factor, with an updated pattern on the front grille.

Front of THR30II
Front of THR30II

Features: Amp and microphone emulation, effects and modulations

Along with typical EQ, gain, and volume controls, each amp in the THR-II range offers 15 classic and iconic guitar amp models, and three microphone models for electroacoustics. A flat response mode allows the pedals to speak for themselves or can be used for neutral amplification of other instruments or voices.

Top of the THR30II with all its controls
Top of the THR30II with all its controls

The built-in effects offered are chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo, two “echo” modes and two reverb modes, so you can save yourself the wiring of a pedal board if you want. It also has a full tuner with display.

Yamaha THR-II: Price

The THR30II Wireless will cost approximately USD 790. Prices for the other two models in the series have not yet been released.

Watch the presentation video of the THR-II line:

For more information, visit Yamaha web site.

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