New Boss Katana MkII: more and new features and specs

New Boss Katana MkII: more and new features and specs
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The new Boss Katana MkII come with new and more features for greater versatility. They include what you expect in a modern guitar amp.

Katana MkII the evolution of a Modern-Classic
Images: Boss Amplification

Boss’s Katana series has been a revelation in the under $ 500 amp realm. Now, the Japanese effects giant has seen fit to equip it with a host of new features and greater versatility in 2019.

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Boss Katana MkII: New amp voicing

The MkII line, comprising a 50-watt and 100-watt 1×12 and a 100-watt 2×12 combos and a 100-watt head, adds new variations of “Voincing” to the original range’s five amp modes. These range from Clean to High-gain, plus modes for electro acoustics.

Katana MKii: More effect options

You can now use up to five effect categories simultaneously, unlike the original three, and the independent Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb sections feature three variations each for a total of 15 effects.

Official video of the Boss Katana MkII presentation

Versatility of use

In a smart and innovative move, the Katana MkII models can be used as a powered speaker for a preamp, amp modeler, or as a multi-effects footswitch via an input jack to the power input located on the rear of the rig.

The Katana MkII 100-watt amplifiers also include a “Stereo Expand” feature, which allows you to link two amplifiers with a single normal cable. With a simple cable you can play in stereo.

As before, Boss’s “Tone Studio” offers the ability to modify a wide variety of amp and effects parameters, as well as an adjustable gain and high-pass filter for the power amp input. Also, you can import its settings (“patches”) from the first generation of Katana models.

Images: Boss Amplification

12-inch speakers appear throughout the range. While the head has a practical monitor integrated by a 5-inch speaker.

Super competitive prices

The Katana series was already an impressive range, but with these new tweaks, improvements and additions, the MkIIs position themselves as some of the best guitar amps under $ 500.

The prices for each model are for the Katana 50 MkII USD 229, the Katana 100 MkII USD 359, Katana 100/212 MkII USD 469 and finally Katana Head MkII USD 349.

For more information, visit Boss web site.

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