JHS Pedals 3 Series: New Budget Line Effects Pedals

JHS Pedals 3 Series: New Budget Line Effects Pedals
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JHS Pedals, the boutique guitar effects maker, has announced a line called the Series 3 with seven new pedals made in the US, priced cheaply at $ 99.

New 3 Series from JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals, the Kansas City pedal company, has introduced a new line of cheap effects pedals also all built in the United States: the 3 Series. New 3 Series is comprised of Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive and Reverb. The range is complete enough to assemble your entire pedalboard at an economical price.

The name ‘3 Series’ is due to the fact that all pedals in the range have exactly the same box of three knobs. Of course, each one has different controls and dial functions in order to offer users a simple and easy experience. Each pedal also includes a switch that controls a specific effect for the respective layout.

Description of the effects of the JHS Pedals 3 Series

Chorus 3 Series

Chorus is designed to deliver “classic chorus and modulation sounds”, with typical volume, frequency, and depth knobs. The Vibe selector allows the guitarist to remove the dry signal, leaving a simple true-tone vibrato sound.


The Compressor pedal features volume, attack and sustain knobs, plus a brightness switch, which activates a brighter EQ, perfect for ensuring your tone is heard in mixes.


The Distortion is “enormously versatile” promises JHS. Controls include volume, filter and distortion knobs, as well as a gain switch -gain- that lets you choose between a compressed or open tone. 


The Delay offers between 80 ms and 800 ms of delay time, for everything from slapbacks to long “pad echoes”. The controls are Mix, Time and Repeats, and a Type switch that allows you to choose between a lighter digital type delay and also a darker analog type delay.

Fuzz 3 Series

The 3 Series Fuzz effect is an effect with a balanced tone between vintage and modern. In addition, it has a high sustain and a clear and defined articulation. With Volume, Bias and Fuzz knobs and a Fat selector that increases the bass.


The Overdrive offers Volume, Body (EQ) and Drive knobs, and a gain switch to switch between compressed and open tones. The company says you can achieve anything from signal boost or boost, transparent low gain, to thick mid-overdrive or amp-like sounds.


And finally, the Reverb has Verb, EQ and Decay knobs, and a pre-delay lever that allows the user to switch between short and long pre-delay times.

Price and aesthetics of the JHS Pedals 3 Series

Each 3 Series pedal is the same, with a plain white case, 3 knobs and a switch, and is available for $ 99 each. 

For more information, go to JHS Pedals .

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