Joyo American Sound (Fender Amp-in-a-box) Review

Joyo American Sound (Fender Amp-in-a-box) Review
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By Freddie Valle

Review of Joyo American Sound, a cheap Fender Amp-in-a-box, based in the Blonde of Tech 21, this preamp pedal has Tweed and Blackface audios.

Joyo American Sound: Tweed and Blackeface tones

In this review we analyze the Joyo American Sound, an inexpensive Fender type “Amp in a box”. An excellent choice for the bedroom player or the traveling musician who doesn’t want to move an amp.

One would like to have all the classic amps. But most of us have budgetary and volume constraints to get the amp to achieve its “sweet spot”, the point where the tubes begin to work fully, delivering the much sought-after harmonics.

I have a Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb RI, my favorite Fender amp, however of course I would love to also have a Bassman, a Deluxe Tweed, and many more.

Joyo American Sound paired with Fender amps

The Deluxe is an amp that sounds good at low volume, a “heavenly clean”. But we guitarists like to be able to overdrive the tubes sometimes, which is difficult when you play at home. That’s where overdrives or preamps pedals start to play an interesting role.

For that reason I started researching pedals with Fender-like overdrive, be it Tweed or Bassman or Blackface-like overdrive. After a quick market research, I decided to give this inexpensive $ 40 / € 40 pedal a shot.

Joyo American Sound Review.

Joyo American Sound Features

In theory it is a clone of the Tech 21 Blonde pedal, that emulates a Deluxe Tweed ’57. However, it is not limited only to that, it has a “Voice” control that allows you to go from Tweed audios to Blackface tones. In this way it is a pedal that serves very well as the “OD” of any classic Fender type amp, which in general do not have a Master.

Joyo American Sound is a preamp that can be connected directly to the line (PA), console, computer, etc. For this reason, it is highly recommended for playing live and plugging in directly without the need for an amplifier. It has excellent audio quality, it performs the “Amp in a box” function very well. It also gets along very well with other pedals.

In fact, many musicians instead of moving their amps, they use these preamps and add some effect pedals like OD, Delays, Reverbs, etc.

The following YouTube video has a blinde test and it compare a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Re Issue vs the American Sound pedal plugged to a PC / Mac in, you will be surprised how well the pedal achieves the amp audio.

What tones can you get with the Joyo American Sound?

As I already mentioned the pedal has the ability to deliver different Fender audios. The “Voice” control is a mid-booster, with which you can change the character of the audio. For example on 4/10, the Joyo pedal gives Blackface audios, which are scooped, with smooth mids, chime highs and consistent lows. In this mode it is excellent for emulating the audio from a Deluxe Reverb saturating but at a friendly volume.

On the other hand, in 6 or 7/10 level, the American Sounds enters in Tweed the territory, more mids and hoarse, you can also achieve Stevie Ray Vaughan audios since it adds those mids that you achieve with the Tube Screamer. A very balanced and friendly pedal, which is very easy to find good audio.

Some Setting used for testing

a) Deluxe Reverb Blackface Overdrive / Deluxe Tweed Audio

Bass: 7.5
7Voice: 4 Blackface audio / 6 Tweed
ain audio: 5 just “soft crunch” to 8 “heavy distortion”.

b) Bluesy audio, Fender type with TS808 similar to SRV / Bassman simile audio. These settings are those suggested in the Tech21 Blonde manual

Bass: 4.5
Medium: 5
Treble: 5
Voice: 5 Blues audio / 6 BM’59 audio
Gain: 6

Of course there are many more options, but these four settings are an excellent starting point.

The final conclusion of the Joyo American Sound Review is that it is an excellent pedal with great value. Excellent both for the guitarist who wants to emulate crunchy audio at low volume, or for the musician who wants to move lightly without an amplifier without sacrificing audio quality.

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You can share opinions or also chat about this and more with other musicians in our comments section.

For more information, head over to Joyo.

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