Soldano SLO 30 Classic Head: a 30-watt Soldano SLO 100?

Soldano SLO 30 Classic Head: a 30-watt Soldano SLO 100?
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The Soldano SLO 30 Classic head is a new smaller version of the legendary SLO 100 high-gain boutique amp.

New Soldano SLO 30 Classic Head

Undoubtedly in 1987, with the appearance of the legendary  Soldano Super Lead Overdrive SLO-100 head, one of the most iconic amplifiers in history, it changed the entire high-gain amplifier market, and after more than 3 decades from its launch, its validity is undisputed.

With a huge following and admirers it was the 100 watt high gain tube amp that was a must have. Even today, it remains a highly coveted piece for any musician and even collector.

Soldano SLO-30 Classic Head, a new classic

But today, the 100 watts are no longer necessary, they can even be excessive unless you play recitals every week in large stadiums. For this reason, the American company Soldano has launched a version more appropriate for the times. A just 30-watt head with five  12AX7 tubes  in the preamp and two tubes in the 6L6 power section, the Soldano SLO 30 Classic head.

Soldano SLO-30 Classic: features

The new Soldano SLO-30 Classic head features Normal and Overdrive channels. In addition, it has two Clean and Crunch modes on the Normal Channel. The controls to manage the gains of both channels are the Preamp knobs that go from 0 to 11. Independent Master volume, called “Master” for both channels. The shared EQ equalization has three bands: bass, mid and treble in its preamp stage and is completed by Presence and Depth controls to shape your audio from the power stage as well.

Frende of the new Soldano Super Lead Overdrive SLO 30 Classic.

It has three switches, to choose between the two channels -Normal and Overdrive-, one for Bright’s “on / off”, and finally the Mode that chooses Clean or Crunch.

Like the 1987 original, the Soldano SLO 30 Classic boasts a harmonically rich character, full-bodied and with enough gain as you’d expect from a true Soldano, in the words of Ola Englund himself.

It also has an FX Loop to be able to operate effects pedals, thus giving maximum versatility of use. It also has a solo boost and a hardwired bypass function.

Ola Englund demo video

Specifications of the new SLO-30

  • 30 watt valve head.
  • Handwired.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A Clean channel -Normal Channel- with clean tones, harmonically rich crunch via the Bright and Crunch switches.
  • Normal and Overdrive channels switchable through the footswitch / footswitchable.
  • Footswitch included
  • Independent controls for Preamp – controls the gain – and Master – controls the volume – for both channels.
  • The EQ shared or global bands 3 equalization controlling the preamp, and controls Presence and Depth to handle frequencies in the power stage and control accounts EQ around the amplifier
New Soldano SLO 30 Classic Head: a 30 watt Soldano SLO 100?
  • Improved effects loop with tube / tube buffer.
  • The FX level control – effect level / blend – optimizes the performance of the effects and offers a boost function for solos.
  • New hardwire bypass on the FX Loop / FX Loop
  • Variable Slave output for direct recording, ideal for IRs, combining amplifiers and more.
  • Selection of 4, 8 or 16 ohms / ohms output via the integrated impedance selector for handling different speaker cabinets.

Soldano SLO 30 vs SLO 100

The big question is whether the new Soldano SLO 30 Classic Head with this lower power will achieve the deep tone of the mythical Soldano Super Lead Overdrive SLO 100. We will be looking forward to seeing someone lucky enough to have both amps and make a complete review and comparison comparing the King of high-gain and his little successor.

Soldano SLO 30 Classic: Price

The sale price of the Soldano SLO-30 in large stores and online instrument sales sites is around USD 2,699.99 / EUR 2,500.

More information on the Soldano page.

The most compact and modern version of the classic Soldano Super Lead Overdrive SLO 100.

Have you tried any Soldano amps? Tell us about your experience.

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