PRS Guitars introduced Private Stock Dragon 35th Anniversary guitar

PRS Guitars introduced Private Stock Dragon 35th Anniversary guitar
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PRS has released the ninth installment of the Dragon model to mark its 35th anniversary: the Paul Reed Smith Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon Model guitar. Here in guitarriego we show it to you.

Paul Reed Smith Dragon Model guitars are among the most coveted PRS models. The Company is celebrating its anniversary with this historic model in 2020. This is the ninth installment since the first Dragon model in 1992: the Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon Limited Edition.

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Paul Reed Smith’s dream of a Dragon guitar

Paul Reed Smith recounted that “As a teenager, I dreamed of a guitar with a dragon embedded in its neck, and in 1992 I was able to realize that dream for the first time. It has become an important part of our history to celebrate the technology that allows us to create these intricate inlays and the idea that dreams can come true. I really like this new 35th Anniversary Dragon. “

PRS Private Stock 35 Anniversary Dragon Model

All PRS Dragon models to date:

  • Dragon I, 1992
  • Dragon II, 1993
  • Dragon III, 1994
  • Dragon 2000
  • Dragon 2002
  • 20th Anniversary Dragon, 2005
  • 25th Anniversary Dragon, 2010
  • 30th Anniversary Dragon, 2015
  • 35th Anniversary Dragon, 2020

Art in the PRS Dragon

The most visually appealing thing about the guitar is the elaborate and fantastic dragon inlay commissioned from Jeff Easley, a fantasy artist famous for some Dungeons & Dragons rulebook covers, who has contributed to several PRS Dragon guitars. PRS Guitars again hired their longtime partner, Aulson Inlay, to deconstruct Easley’s artwork and recreate it into various distinctive parts that have been embedded in the guitar fretboard and conclude with the dragon’s fiery breath being extends over the cover of the instrument tensioner. 

225-piece inlay of the PRS Private Stock 35 Anniversary Dragon Model. Guitarriego

Over 225 parts were used to create the inlay. The finished design is made of a wide range of materials that include: Abalone mother of pearl, different types of stones, mother of pearl, among others.

A Dragon inspired by the PRS McCarty

The Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon is based on the PRS McCarty model, with a body the same thickness as the McCarty, PRS Stoptail bridge and classic push / pull volume and tone controls and 3-position selector switch, but with TCI model pickups. The tuners are Phase III Locking for a perfect balance of vintage and modern specs. 

These guitars are true works of art, worthy of any exhibition and any art museum. So much so, that the 1993 PRS Drangon I was the first Paul Reed Smith guitar to be on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington. But they can also be played like Rich Williams, the one-eyed guitarist for the rock band Kansas, used to.

Paul Reed Smith Private Stock Woods

Extraordinary Private Stock quality tonewoods were hand selected for this limited series and include a curly maple top, African “ribbon” mahogany back and a 25 “scale chaltecoco neck, 22 fret ziricote fingerboard.

Painting and Finishing the PRS Dragon

The 35th Anniversary Dragon guitars will come finished in Frostbite Dragon’s Breath. Choosing one of the Private’s Dragon’s Breath style finishes was the perfect choice for this run. The gradient of the paint on the flamed maple top imitating the fire of the dragon is admirable. Finally, the black hardware “smoked” by fire, perfectly complements the character of this unique instrument.

“Looking at the final 35th Anniversary Dragon, I am incredibly proud. This guitar is a PRS through and through from the fingerboard design to the pickups. I think he is one of our most elegant dragons yet, ”said Paul Miles, Director of Private Stock.

The Private Stock 35th Anniversary Dragon Model guitar will be limited to 135 units worldwide and will be delivered between February and June 2020.

For more information on the guitar, visit PRS Guitars web site.

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