John Mayer: “I’m not a Zeppelin boy”; “I’m a Strat boy”

John Mayer: “I’m not a Zeppelin boy”; “I’m a Strat boy”
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John Mayer, one of today’s leading bluesmen, describes Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page style as “genetically a little out of my zone.”

Mayer, the boy from the Strats

John is known to have a special affinity for the Strat. But in a recent interview with Dean Delray, Mayer surprised with a phrase about his style and that of Led Zeppelin. Plus he confirmed his love for Strat, which is why he’s not a big fan of Led Zeppelin.

You can listen to the full interview on Dean Delray’s Let There Be Talk Podcast, below we leave you a link.

Led Zeppelin is out of my zone

“Turns out I’m not a Zeppelin boy,” he told Delray. “He never got me; I still could have. Your vocabulary is not my vocabulary. “

John Mayer also said: “Jimmy Page basically plays a Gibson, that’s a different sound for me. I’m a “Strat boy.” All the (guitarists) I love come from the Strat side. I’m also a melodic “geek.”

“I think Going to California, that song is excellent. I mean, Blind Faith probably wish they had written that song. It seems like anyone would have killed for that song. “

John Mayer continues “I can digest anything that has a melody, but when you go into Led Zeppelin blues, genetically it’s a little out of my zone, just a little bit.”

John Mayer talks about Zeppelin and describes himself as a Strat boy.
John with his PRS Signature model “Silver Sky”, based on the Stratocaster

Recognizing good songs

Elsewhere in the interview, Mayer spoke with Delray about how he knows when a song he’s written is worth it.

“Sounds like a radio in your head,” he said. “If I come home from the studio, I play a little game.” I go, ‘sing it. Can you sing it? Can’t you sing after you’ve worked all day? “” If you can’t sing the song when you brush your teeth, it’s rubbish. “

Mayer confesses a serious addiction

In the interview Mayer is sincere and tells: “I have a serious addiction: I google specifications on all things.” He continues by telling an anecdote: “When I was in middle / high school, I was in the library and a catalog of cars caught my attention, there they told me that I would spend it looking for things on digital platforms.”

He ends up saying that one searches before buying things, but that he also seeks to find out everything once he has it, in order to confirm that what he has is the best. “I look up to the last specification of the manufacturer, those that nobody cares and I go to see what it says in the hashtags, I find out everything.”

For more information, head over to Guitar Quarter.

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