Best small and medium tube guitar amps

Best small and medium tube guitar amps
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Best small and medium tube guitar amps, from 5 watts to 15 watts, with great tone and relatively affordable, covering different styles.

Best low and medium watts tube guitar amps

They are practice tube amps, although some can be used for rehearsal, as long as you don’t want the amp not to overdrive. Also, you can use them in correctly miked recitals.

The best small / medium tube guitar amps

Top tube guitar amps from 5 watts to 15 watts:

  • Marshall DSL5CR
  • Fender Pro Junior IV
  • Vox AC10 Custom
  • Laney Cub10
  • Fender Bassbreaker 007
  • Ibanez TSA15
  • Blackstar HT5R MkII
  • Supro Blues King 8
  • Vox Night Train NT15C1 G2

Marshall DSL5CR

Marshall DSL5CR

This classic, based on the great JCM2000 DSL amplifier, will give you all the classic and modern Marshall audio too. This five-watt, two-channel combo comes equipped with two 12AX7 and one 12BH7 tubes.

The first of the channels has the classic Marshall gain structure, so it is not surprising that it is called “Classic Gain”. With this you will get from clean to classic 70’s crunch audios, like AC / DC and Led Zeppelin just to name a few.

The second channel, the “Ultra Gain” will give you all the Marshall tone from the 90’s to today. It’s a high gain channel that lets you go from Guns’ n Roses Slash audio to Heavy Metal. 

Each channel has a gain and volume knob. The previous version only had this double command on the Ultra Gain channel, the Classic Gain only had a volume knob. On the equalization side, it has three bands that work on both channels. It also has a “Tone Shift” button that changes the mid level and a “Deep” button that adds low frequencies. It has a digital reverb and a power reduction selector to take it to 1 watt. All of this makes this amp super complete, something that is outstanding in a device of only 5 watts.

Finally, the speaker is a 10-inch Celestion, and it has an effects loop. If you want a Marshall tone, this is one of the best practice tube amps you’ll find.

Price: USD 500.

Fender Pro Junior IV

Fender Pro Junior IV, one of the best small tube amps.

This is the fourth edition of this Tweed classic, the Fender Pro Junior. This 15-watt classic has a circuit with two 12AX7 and two EL84 tubes. It has an improvement in its volume circuit for a more gradual saturation. It is a simple but effective amp. It has two controls: volume and tone. Comes with Jensen P10R 10-inch speaker. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most classic and best low wattage tube amps.

Price: USD 500.

Vox AC10 Custom

Vox AC10C1 Custom.

This amp, released just a couple of years ago, is already becoming a classic. Which is why it couldn’t not be on the list of the best small tube amps from 5 to 15 watts. Inspired by the old Vox AC10, it has a single channel, based on the Top Boost circuit, it has those classic British mids, that “chime” that gives it brilliant highs and on top of it it has a very competitive price. It’s 10 watts of pure classic Vox tone with two pairs of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes.

It has a very good digital reverb. On the control side, it has Volume, Master, Bass, Treble and Reverb. Equipped with a 10-inch Celestion VX10 speaker.

Finally, the great advantage over its older brothers is its portability. This 10 watt amp only weighs 12.3 kg.

Price: USD 430.

Laney Cub10

Laney Cub 10, one of the best cheap small tube amps.

Without a doubt, the Laney Cubs stand out for their excellent price / quality ratio. The Laney Cub10 is a straightforward, straightforward 10-watt combo, with volume, gain, and tone controls giving you excellent audio quality. Regarding the circuit, it is equipped with two 12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage and two 6V6GTs in a Class A / B power section. It has a 10-inch H&H speaker and Hi and Lo inputs. It has a Fender type audio and is worth half.

Price: USD 225.

Fender Bassbreaker 007

Fender Bassbreaker 007, one of the best small tube amps.

The Fender Bassbreaker 007 is a more modern seven watt combo than the Pro Junior. It is a versatile team and more powerful than what you can expect from a team its power. 

Using it with the hot tubes, you get that pick-feel sensitivity that is characteristic of Vox. With its circuit of a pair of 12AX7 tubes and an EL84, it boasts “British” type tones, much more powerful and aggressive than the classic “American” Fender audios. The Bassbreaker is a rocking machine.

The Bassbreaker 007 has a 10-inch Celestion Ten speaker and line-out.

Price: USD 450.

Ibanez TSA15

Ibanez TSA15, one of the best tube amps from 5 to 15 watts.

Ibanez TSA15, simply put, is an “American” type amp with a built-in Tube Screamer. This amplifier is equipped with a two pairs of tubes 12AX7 and 6V6GT.

The switchable TS circuit of course includes the three standard TS controls: Volume / Level, Gain / Gain, and Tone / Tone. While the amplifier has bass, treble and volume controls. Another interesting feature of this equipment is that it has a built-in Boost that when activated increases the gain by 6dB. You can use them in 15 or 5 watts. And lastly, it comes with a 12-inch Celestion Seventy 80 speaker.

Price: USD 450.

Blackstar HT5R MkII

Blackstar HT5R MkII

The Blackstar HT5R MkII is a 5 watt rig equipped with a 12-inch speaker designed by Blackstar. It has two channels: clean and overdrive, built-in reverb, the ISF control, Tone control for the Clean channel and three-band EQ controls for the OD channel, a USB audio output, XLR DI output and a reduction selector. of power to reduce it to 0.5 watts. These modern features make the HT5R MkII stand out above most 5 watt amps.

The circuit is equipped with a 12AX7 valve in the preamp stage and a 12BH7 valve in the stem.

The ISF control is a function that modifies the character of the amplifier’s tone from American to British-type audio by turning the knob. This gives you a very wide audio palette. This is one of the reasons why we consider the HT5R one of the best tube amps.

Price: USD 450.

Supro Blues King 8

Supro Blues King 8

Supro was one of the first amp manufacturers. This modern take on the classic Blues King 8 from the mid 50’s, features a Class A tube circuit with a 12AX7 and a 12AU7.

Every detail on this amp was developed from the ground up to deliver the legendary headroom and dynamics of vintage Supro amps. It features an 8-inch Supro BK8 speaker and vintage-style wooden cabinet.

The equipment has volume, tone and master controls. It also has a built-in Boost footswitchable. It also has a line output.

Price: USD 300.

Vox Night Train NT15C1 G2

Vox Night Train NT15C1 G2, one of the best amps.

The 15-watt Vox Night Train is pure British tone, delivered by EL84 tubes. Provides a more modern take on Vox classics. The circuit is made up of three 12AX7 and two EL84 valves. It has two channels: Bright -clean- and Girth -overdrive- which are footswitchable that allow you to go from a classic Vox tone to a modern highgain Vox audio. Thick control allows for additional gain. Dark control allows you to trim brightness. The equipment has a high quality reverb.

Regarding the controls it has volume, master volume, three-band equalization control common to both channels and two gain controls for each channel. It also includes an effects loop, to finish giving it great versatility.

Lastly it comes with a classic, a 12-inch Celestion Greenback G12M, giving it a plus and amp-speaker combination for the best Vox tone. Without a doubt, one of the best tube amplifiers you can find at 15 watts.

Price: USD 400.

For more information, visit MarshallFenderVox.

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