Line 6 Pod Go Wireless: the new “cable free” pedalboard

Line 6 Pod Go Wireless: the new “cable free” pedalboard
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Line 6 today introduced the new POD Go Wireless pedalboard, an amp and effects processor with a built-in wireless Relay receiver.

Line 6 Pod Go Wireless – A Wireless Pod

The new Line 6 Pod Go Wireless is a new version of the famous line of pedalboards from the American firm, which includes a wireless system. The system includes a Relay wireless receiver and also a Relay G10TII plug-and-play transmitter. This new functionality makes it easy for guitarists to connect, all they need to do is take POD Go Wireless out of the box to be ready to play.

POD Go Wireless Features

The new Line 6 POD Go Wireless, like the standard POD Go, features a guitarist-friendly user interface. It features the same professional-quality amp, cabinet and effect models, drawn from the acclaimed HX® processor family.

“Given the sound quality, flexibility, ease of use, and sheer fun factor of both the POD Go and our Relay G10S wireless system, it made perfect sense to marry both of them,” says Eric Klein, chief designer of Line 6 products.

POD Go Pedal Board Simulators

The new POD Go Wireless features a vast array of great amp, cabinet, and effect models. POD Go Wireless includes a variety of legendary British and American amps. Also, it supports third party impulse response (IR) charging. Presets include nine simultaneous blocks, and external pedals can be inserted anywhere in the signal path through the effects loop.

Simple and intuitive pedal board

POD Go Wireless provides a simple and intuitive workflow. The Line 6 POD footswitch lets you choose, edit and control sounds using the 4.3 ″ color LCD display. It features the following seven push encoder controls, eight rugged footswitches, colored LED rings, and a rugged cast aluminum multi-function expression pedal. Additionally, you have the ability to use two external footswitches or a second expression pedal can be connected for even greater real-time control. Plus, sophisticated features like snapshots allow guitarists to easily access all the tones they will need to cover each section of each song.

Line 6 POD Go Wireless: simple e intuitiva.

All essential audio connections are available, including balanced stereo outputs, a mirrored amplifier output that can be plugged in before the booth / IR, a mono / stereo effects loop, a headphone jack, and even a USB audio interface. 4-channel with re-amplification capabilities.

POD Go Wireless is powerful and flexible enough to be used as a complete setup, a travel or backup kit, or a recording device using the USB audio interface.

Line 6 POD Go Wireless: Price and Availability

The new POD Go Wireless is priced at $ 811.99 and will be available worldwide in Q2 2021.

For more information visit the website of Line 6.

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