John Cruz Custom Guitars, the new brand of the former Fender luthier

John Cruz Custom Guitars, the new brand of the former Fender luthier
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John Cruz, a former master builder of the Fender Custom Shop, launched his own brand of boutique guitars: John Cruz Custom Guitars.

John Cruz’s new guitar brand

Cruz launched his own guitar brand through a video on YouTube. In the presentation, he summarizes the entire career of the guitarist and luthier.

Cruz worked in the guitar making business for 33 years, 17 of which were as a master builder for the Fender Custom Shop. John has made guitars and basses for many of the best rock musicians. Guitarists like Jeff Beck, Jimmie Vaughan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, Carlos Santana, John Mayer and bassists of the stature of Duff Mc Kagan use their instruments.

John Cruz has undoubtedly been one of the most popular and recognized Master Builders in the Fender Custom Shop for at least the last five years. He has made signature or tribute guitars and basses for many of the best artists. Last year he made the Fender Precision Bass Phil Lynott Signature .

In the tradition of Fender Master Builders

After almost six months of the separation of John Cruz from Fender; with no news from the former Master Builder of the Fender Custom Shop, he launches his long-awaited brand.

There was much speculation that he was going to follow the path of other master builders who have opened their own boutique guitar brands like John Page and JW Black . Now we can confirm it, John will continue to build world-class instruments under his own brand.

At the moment, the website only hosts the launch video. For more information visit the John Cruz Custom Guitars site .

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