Gibson Demo Shop on prototype guitars and more

Gibson Demo Shop on prototype guitars and more
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Reverb and Gibson have partnered and introduced the Gibson Demo Shop, the online store where unique guitars are sold: prototypes and demos. 

The Gibson Demo Shop, Gibson’s demo shop

Gibson says that all guitars sold in the Gibson Demo Shop have passed a “35-point inspection” and are offered with a two-year “playability” guarantee. Some of the fine print can be a bit off-putting for some buyers.

Gibson Demo Store

In product development, manufacturers like Gibson build prototype instruments or guitars for demos, which are not normally marketed. But Gibson has decided to offer some of its guitars for sale through a store for sale on Reverb.

Some are prototypes of new guitars, some are just modified versions, some are demo units, and some have even been played by famous artists. 

Gibson Demo Shop at prototype guitars and more.

These instruments are offered at a slightly cheaper price than standard factory instruments. Gibson claims that each guitar undergoes a 35-point inspection prior to listing and offering to ensure quality. It also includes a two-year warranty. This  is what Cesar Gueikian Gibson has to say:

We are excited to launch Gibson Demo Shop in association with Reverb as they are the established online marketplace for guitars and more… We are creating one-of-a-kind prototypes, demos and modified guitars, and eventually guitars played by our artists that fans love to be available. at the Gibson demo shop.

Demo or second-pick guitars?

However, not everything looks so good. Taking a look at the offer of approximately 40 guitars  in the new Gibson Demo Shop, there are things that make “noise”. Some units have technical flaws, such as an off-center chord. Being more a sale of second selection units.

Internet Reactions

The reception in the guitar forums has been mixed. One of the major forums like The Gear Page have been posting reactions both for and against. Saying they cost the same as standard flawless guitars come out in a normal musical instrument store. Others assuming it’s stock that doesn’t sound so good. One user suggested a “Certificate of Defects”, while to another he ironically transformed the slogan  Play Authentic , to “Play Defective“.

Youtuber bought a batch of 9 guitars from the Gibson Demo Shop

However, the initiative had a great success, in a few hours, much of the stock disappeared from the Gibson Demo Shop. A youtuber named Trogley bought a batch of 9 guitars as soon as the site was live. They were still testing the site to see if it worked properly and the entire batch they posted disappeared within minutes. 

Trogles uploaded videos unboxing the batch and explaining that he thought about buying all the first ones, but settled for nine of a series. All have manufacturing dates in early 2019 and have ‘Prototype’ stamped on the back of the head; so no returns are accepted or anything like that. They appear to be prototypes of the line that was subsequently launched in 2019. 

He only found a couple of minor blemishes on the nine guitars he purchased, and one of them was a lacquer chip underneath the soul cover that he felt the need to reveal, although it wouldn’t even be seen normally.

There seem to be people who like to collect prototype guitars, and that’s the perceived market for them.

Will the Gibson Demo Shop Last?

The question is how long this virtual store can last given the limited supply of products that there is. It would be expected that there are not too many prototype guitars. More guitars will appear over time, but they will sell out as soon as they are released. Most of the time, it will be empty like now.

After the 40 guitars initially offered, more models can now be seen. A total of 90 of which more than half are already sold.

Would you buy a prototype guitar?

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