Epiphone DC PRO 2020, features, opinions and price

Epiphone DC PRO 2020, features, opinions and price
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Epiphone DC PRO, an electric guitar released in 2019 has impressed the market with its outstanding modern-vintage features, generating rave reviews, while its price is only a fraction of an original Gibson. 

Background of the Epiphone Double Cut and its design

The model is based on the successful Epiphone Del Rey, one launched by the Company in 1995 and discontinued five years later in 2000. Later, in 2013 and 2014, both Gibson and Epiphone released a Tak Matsumoto DC Signature double cut model. The Gibson was exclusive for the Japanese market, while the Epiphone was the only signature of this artist that was on sale. outside of Japan.

Epiphone Del Rey
Epiphone Del Rey

Differences with the current DC PRO model

The Del Rey model came with a bolt-on neck, with volume and master tone, the selector between both knobs, without binding on the neck or headstock and with Dot-type inlays.

On the Tak Matsumoto Signature side, this was 22 frets instead of the current 24 frets and with master volume and two tones. There was a Les Paul Custom option with binding on the neck and headstock and another without valance on the body.

The current ones come with glued shank, volume and tone for each pickup and the location of the selector as in the Les Paul, it has block type inlays, rectanculars with an avalon triangle inside and it brings the elongated headstock of some semi hollow of the company .

Gibson Tak Matsumoto
Gibson Tak Matsumoto

Epiphone DC PRO features

Body, neck, woods and specifications

The Epiphone DC PRO is a modern asymmetric double cutaway design. The DC is the acronym for Double Cut. It has an eccentric and striking top veneered in AAA flamed maple. The body and the neck, in line with the classic Epiphone and Gibson: they are Mahogany and 24.75 ″ scale. Comes with binding on the body, on the neck and headstock. The latter has the same design as the flower-encrusted Sheraton blades.

The neck has a 12 “radius Pau Ferro fingerboard. The neck is set from 24 medium jumbo frets and has a ‘Custom C’ shaped profile. The nut is the GraphTech NuBone, made of synthetic bone. The inlays are Block and Triangle, Pearl and Abolon.

Official Epiphone photo of the DC PRO launch
Official Epiphone photo of the DC PRO launch

The body, unlike most Epiphone models, has a recess in the back of the body, the belly cut. Thus, making the DC Pro a more ergonomic and comfortable instrument.

Its weight is approximately 4 kilos, making a medium weight electric guitar by the standards of guitars of the brand. Its balance with its 24-fret neck socket, large, long headstock and two-horn body, is similar to that of an SG, and it tends to lay horizontal, “bobbing” a bit.

Epiphone ProBucker pickups: quality and versatility

This brand new instrument features two Epiphone ProBucker 2 neck and 3 bridge humbucking pickups -pickups-. Both late 1950s and early 1960s PAF-style humbuckers feature the ability to splite with push-pull controls and play in single-coil mode for added tonal variety. It also uses a treble bleed circuit, to keep your highs intact when the guitar is turned down. The twin volume and tone controls are connected via a three-way toggle switch located on the top speaker, just like on a Les Paul.

Double Cut hardware and hardware

Hardware are nickel finished. It features a Grover 18: 1 machine head set and Epiphone’s LockTone Tune-o-matic style bridge. The instrument comes with a differentiator proving that it is placed at the top of the brand’s product line, which is a strap pin with its own brand lock: Epiphone StrapLocks.

Epiphone DC PRO guitar finishes and colors

The new Epiphone DC PRO 2020 are available in the same finishes as last year. You can get the instrument in the following colors: Black Cherry, Faded Cherry Sunburst, Midnight Ebony, Mojave Fade, and Wild Ivy.

The five finishes of the Epiphone DC PRO
The five finishes of the Epiphone DC PRO

Epiphone DC PRO pricing

The Epiphone website publishes it at a price of USD 599. Thus, it is located in the upper band of the product lines and models of the second Gibson brand.

Conclusions on the Epiphone DC PRO: Pros and Cons

The Epiphone DC Pro has caused the talk and generated a very good reception, exceeding the expectations of the fans of the brand.

Pros of the Epi DC PRO

  • It is an instrument with a Les Paul style design but with great ergonomic improvements, greatly improving its playability. The neck joint, 24 frets and recess at the back of the body are a great improvement.
  • Like the top of the range of the brand, it has an excellent finish with its AAA flamed top, bindings on the body, neck and headstock, and also has one of the most beautiful Epi blades along with the new vintage type similar to the Gibson’s open book released this year.
  • Audio versatility thanks to the possibility of spliting and offsetting the ProBucker pickups.
Epiphone DC PRO Wild Ivy
Epiphone DC PRO Wild Ivy

Cons of the Epiphone Double Cut PRO

  • The instrument’s weight balance is more toward the headstock, causing it to tend to “pitch” and go horizontal.
  • The position of the pickup selector does not allow the rear recess to be extended enough to the left, making it impossible to take advantage of it when you play stopped.
  • Although the pickups are very good, as they come with a “quick connect” type system, in case one wants to change / upgrade them for high-end ones like Gibson or DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan, the guitar must be rewired.

For more information, head over to Gibson.

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