New Fender Game of Thrones Series Custom Shop

New Fender Game of Thrones Series Custom Shop
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The new Fender Game of Thrones series includes three themed guitars, each representing one of the three most important Houses in the series: Telecaster House Stark, Stratocaster House Targaryen and Jaguar House Lannister.

Fender Game of Thrones

Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn is the author of this fantastic new series. Each guitar took over 100 hours of work and was a two year project as reported by Fender.

For this project, Ron worked closely with Daniel Weiss, the creator of GoT, ensuring that the guitars reflected the identity of each of the Houses.

All three models come with a maple neck and ebony fretboard. All have both on the inlay of fret one and on the neckplate engraved a design associated with each of the respective Families.

If you want one you will probably have to rob the “Iron Bank of Braavos” or sell a Dragon.

Telecaster House Stark

The model has an ash body, with a silver binding inspired by GoT’s Winterfell landscape. The neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard. In the inlay of the first fret it has the Wolf of the Stark House shield, made in silver and carved by hand.

Fender Telecaster Game of Thrones House Stark Custom Shop
Fender Telecaster Game of Thrones House Stark

It comes with a nickel silver “Dire Wolf” pickguard. The Neckplate is also engraved with the Wolf symbol of the Stark family.

The guitar is finished with a fine lacquer over the Black Raven (“Raven Black”) and the Gray Wolf (“Gray Wolf”) graphics.

Do you wonder the price? “Only” USD 25,000, thus being the cheapest of the series!

Stratocaster House Targaryen

The Stratocaster comes with dragon scales carved into the front and rear of the body, the main symbol of House Targaryen.

Fender Stratocaster Game of Thrones House Targaryen Custom Shop
Fender Stratocaster Game of Thrones House Targaryen

This model features an alder body with black hardware, a maple neck with an ebony fingerboard, and a hand-carved silver three-headed dragon first fret inlay. It also has a leather pickguard stamped and hand-dyed with the Targaryen family hallmark.

The neckplate is engraved with “Dragonglass Black”. Its price is only USD 35,000.

Jaguar House Lannister Jaguar

Finally, the latest model is the Jaguar House Lannister. It comes with an alder body with 24 karat gold foil with heraldic design on the front as well as the back of the body.

 Fender Jaguar Game of Thrones House Lannister
Fender Jaguar Game of Thrones House Lannister

Like the entire line, it also comes with a maple neck with an ebony fingerboard. The first fret inlay is the Lion of the Lannister family made of hand-engraved brass (a copper-zinc alloy).

The neckplate and also the control knobs are engraved by hand. It also has an engraved 24k gold heraldic design blade on the headstock, gold hardware and a gold-plated pickguard with the Lannister seal to complement the opulent aesthetic of this model.

The price of this guitar is USD 30,000, the intermediate of the series.

Scott Ian, Tom Morello and Nuno Bettencourt playing the Game Of Thrones theme.

For more information on the guitar, visit Fender web site.

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