Joe Bonamassa revealed how many guitars and amps his collection has

Joe Bonamassa revealed how many guitars and amps his collection has
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The Joe Bonamassa guitar and amp collection

Joe Bonamassa is known to have a large collection of guitars and amps. But it was unknown how much gear one of the best bluesman of today has. Finally, in a new interview, Joe let the size of his large collection transcend.

During a recent Joe Bonamassa appearance on Talkin ‘Rock with Meltdown, he was asked how large his collection was. To which Bonamassa replied:

“I have about 400 guitars and 400 amps, and that’s bad, it’s really bad. It is not a good thing. And it shouldn’t be a good thing. It just is what it is, I’m the son of a guitar dealer and I have that mistake. “

When asked which ones he considers invaluable, he leaned over to his Gibsons. “I have three original Flying Vs, I have Tommy Bolin’s 1960 Les Paul. I have more guitars and equipment than any other human could ever need. “

He continued: “There are some legendary instruments in the collection just by default and there are some legendary instruments that are associated with me and my playing, and this all takes on a life of its own.”

As for if you are looking to add new guitars to your 400?

I don’t need anything,” Bonamassa said with a knowing smile. “I encourage people not to give me -instruments-, I don’t want more things.”

Part of the Joe Bonamassa Amp Collection

The fact that it could have changed everything

During the interview he also revealed that as a teenager he tried out for UFO, the British Hard Rock band: “I auditioned for UFO when I was 18.” “Finally, Vinnie Moore and I are left. But Vinnie Moore was a much better fit for that band than I would have at 18. In fact, he’s still in the band. ” 

“The audition was at Pete Way’s house in Columbus, Ohio and they liked my tone, they liked my version of Rock Bottom, but I was like Opie Taylor with a Flying V. It was not the image they were looking for at the time.”

Undoubtedly, the world of Blues appreciates that history has had that ending.

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