Hutchinson Guitar Concepts: Medieval Guitars, Vikings and More

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts: Medieval Guitars, Vikings and More
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James Hutchinson and his Viking, medieval and other electric guitars have become famous all over the world. His creativity and ability have no limits and he has been expanding his borders year after year.

What is Hutchinson Guitar Concept (HGC)?

Hutchinson Guitar Concept (HGC) is the trademark of British artist and luthier James Hutchinson. James specializes in unique custom electric guitars designed and built to order. You can work on customization or customization on an existing electric guitar or if the specifications require it, build it from scratch. 

Hutchinson’s works range from Viking, medieval and Mayan electric guitars to futuristic and space guitars inspired by sci-fi genres. And without a doubt, all their electric guitars are beautiful regardless of the model.

His first works were on ESP Snakebyte and Eclipse. Among those works are several instruments made for James Hetfield, Metallica singer and guitarist. Other electric guitars widely used by HGC are the Gibson Les Paul, SG, Explorer and Flying V. 

Below you can see a photo of James Hetfield with a custom ESP Eclipse Bronze Top guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts.

Photo of James Hetfield with an ESP Eclipse modified by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts
James Hetfield with an ESP Eclipse modified by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

Most of the concepts can be adapted and personalized for each client, ensuring a high level of exclusivity. Alternatively, you can work with the client to design something completely new, so you can make an 8-string guitar, different scales, with the model and theme that is requested.

History of Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

James Hutchinson fell in love with the guitar when he was just eight years old, after seeing Michael Fox playing Johnny B. Goode in Back to the Future. At the same time, from an early age he always liked to make and invent things. And so it was that artistic creativity took center stage in his life growing up. 

Things got complicated when he started learning to play guitar at the age of fourteen. At that time, his music and art were competing with each other for his time.

James Hutchinson’s first electric guitar

In school he painted electric guitars in Art, played them at lunchtime, and built one in Design and Technology. The first instrument James Hutchinson made had a huge one-piece mahogany body 2 ¼ ”-5.7 cm- thick. That was heavy! So during the following year, he made many modifications to it, on the one hand he carved the lid with a deep carved -which you can see in the image below-, and on the other hand, on the back he made it semi-hollow, like the Red Special by Brian May. The result was incredible sustain and a manageable weight.

Below you can see images of James Hutchinson’s first electric guitar.

Studies and experience of James Hutchinson

During college, James had the dilemma of which way to go: music or art, this dilemma became more and more pressing. Neither a career as a guitarist, nor as an artist was a stable and secure future. So he ended up choosing to pursue his creativity in the apparently safest option, so he did digital animation. 

After spending every day and night glued to a computer screen for 3 years, he realized that it was not his thing, he needed to do something real.

He spent several years as an illustrator and editor, but always played and modified instruments in his spare time. Thus he accumulated experience and knowledge, and added to that his study and experience with digital animation that taught him a lot about textures and reflexivity that he now applies in all concepts of electric guitars. You have achieved outstanding knowledge and dexterity for work.

All that knowledge of Hutchinson added to his love for art and music, give him a capacity for creative expression and a unique capacity for transformation in electric guitars.

Electric Guitars Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

Hutchinson started in 2011, customizing or customizing existing electric guitars. The first models were mainly designs inspired by science fiction or “industrial” themes simulating metal caps with rivets. Examples of these are the Bronze Top models (Broce top), Steampunk SP-1 / Deluxe (Science fiction genre). Below you can see photos of two guitars with the Hutchinson Steampunk (left) and Bronze Top (right) models.

Much of the electric guitar customization work is done on Gibson Les Paul, SG, Explorer, Flying V and Melody Maker and ESP Eclipse and Snakebyte. These are taken apart and completely reworked. Normally the original routing is filled in (especially those that come with Pickguard. Then the wood of the lid is carved and they also usually add metal inlays inspired by science fiction or mythology genres. It also does an excellent job of simulating metal through paint. In this way, he makes guitars a true work of art in a broader sense.

Below you can see photos of Hutchinson Guitar Concepts “Cyber” models.

In 2012 HGC made the first of several electric guitars for James Hetfield, further boosting the fame of his work. The first was an ESP Snakebyte Steel Top, the second is an ESP Eclipse Hotrod based on the old American hotrod cars -see images below-.

Viking Electric Guitars Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

In the year 2013, HGC makes the first electric guitar based on Viking mythology. This beautiful electric guitar was made with a Gibson Flying V. The success of the model was so important that the luthier began to develop more models based on Viking mythology and runes and later on medieval drawings.

Hutchinson Viking Guitars Norse myth of Fenrir.
Viking electric guitar, inspired by the Norse myth of Fenrir

Viking V was inspired by the Norse myth of Fenrir; a monstrous wolf that the gods tried to contain twice with great iron shackles but failed. A magic tape constructed by dwarves finally stopped Fenrir in the Ragnarok battle. Then the story says that all ties will be broken and the Fenrisúlfr – the wolf Fenrir – will devour the god Odin completely.

Below, we can see more Viking guitars from Hutchinson. A Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Gibson SG Special, and an eight-string Hutchinson based on a Gibson Explorer.

Limulus, the first 100% HGC electric guitar

In late 2014, Hutchinson launched the Limulus, HGC’s first proprietary standard model entirely from scratch. Thanks to the suggestions of his followers on Facebook, he has developed this striking guitar. Maintaining a certain similarity to the horseshoe crab.

Its mahogany body, similar to that of a Les Paul, has been carved with a really deep carved. On the side of the neck, this is made in maple is joined to the leather at the 19th fret, allowing excellent access to any of its 24 frets.

Hutchinson Limulus Electric Guitar, a variant of Viking guitars.

It has a custom mounting method for the pickups – pickups – which are the well known and versatile Seymour Duncan Hot Rod Set with nickel covers. JB and Jazz give it the power to play any style, but its natural terrain is that of Hardrock and Metal.

Other guitar models from Hutchinson Guitar Concepts

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts maya model guitars

In 2015, following the great success of Viking guitars, Hutchinson added a model based on Mayan mythology. Thus he built a beautiful electric guitar in “Mayan gold”. On the top of a Gibson Flying V he carved a modified version of the Palenque Top. An engraving found on the lid of the sarcophagus of the Mayan King Pakal, which was a fairy in a pyramid. Coincidence or not, again the chosen model was a Gibson Flying V electric guitar.

Hutchinson Mayan Model Electric Guitar, a variant of Viking guitars.

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts medieval model guitars

HCG received a custom order for another Gibson Flying V. He carved it based on a medieval drawing. In which four demons are seen cursing and possessing a king. It also has inlays -inlays- in which the king’s transformation process is seen until he becomes another demon.

Hutchinson Electric Guitar medieval model, a variant of Viking guitars.

HCG is currently working on customizing a customer’s ESP Eclipse. This electric guitar will have as its main character Baphomet, a medieval demon.

For more information, head over to Hutchinson Guitar Concepts.

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