Fender Champion 100: features, reviews and price

Fender Champion 100: features, reviews and price
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Fender Champion 100 is a powerful guitar amplifier -100 watts-, versatile and inexpensive, with emulations of classic amps and an effects stompbox, which allows you to perform on any stage, we tell you all its characteristics and opinions.

Fender Champion 100 amp: features

The Fender Champion 100 is one of the lowest priced guitar amp models, priced under $ 500. The Fender Champion line of solid-state or solid-state amplifiers is one of the best around.

This amp features a digital amp modeler – simulator or emulator – covering a variety of old and new amp types.

Featuring classic Fender Golden Age aesthetics, the Blackface looks great on any stage. Plus, it’s not as complex as newer modeling or digital amps, like Fender’s Mustang series. However, this traditional combo is one of the most popular for good reason – it keeps things simple and effective.

Channels and controls

At first glance, there are a staggering number of rotary control knobs, but looking at them, one immediately understands how it all works. There is nothing that is not necessary and everything is very easy to use and intuitive. 

From left to right, this electric guitar rig offers controls for the clean channel -Clean-: volume, treble and bass, as well as a selection of effects -FX- and control of the effect level and Tap button to control the speed of the effect.

Then come the switchable Drive channel controls via a button in the middle of the amp or the included footswitch. The controls for the saturated channel -or Drive- are: gain, volume, treble, mid and bass, as well as controls for the emulations or voicing of the different amplifiers and the selection of FX effects, effect volume and Tap button.

Fender Champion 100: features

As we’ve highlighted, this amp has two channels with a range of different effects for both, including chorus, delay, reverb, flanger, and wah. The Drive or Overdrive channel also offers sixteen types of iconic amp digital emulations inspired by classic Fender classics, including Tweed and Blackface, the clean of the Roland Jazz Chorus, on other classic British audio brands such as Marshall and Vox, and by hardware. more modern for heavy metal.

The Fender Champion 100 is equipped with two 12″ inch specially designed Fender speakers. In this way, the Champion 100 offers a whopping 100 watts or watts of power. So with that power, this guitar amp is ideal for playing small to medium-sized venues. Also, it has a headphone output to practice quietly at night or when you don’t want to disturb others.

Fender Champion 100: characteristics, opinions and price.

The measurements and weight of the Fender Champion 100 amplifier are

  • Height: 48.3 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Depth: 26 cm
  • Weight: 18.2 kg

Amplifier aesthetics

It shows off the traditional Champion style, keeping the Blackface design. This aesthetic that is highly appreciated by all fans of the brand: tolex or black vinyl and a silver grill or grille. 

Fender Champion 100 vs Champion 100XL: Differences

The Fender Champion 100XL is the new brother to the Champion 100. Both amps are very similar, but with some differences. Plus the all-new aesthetic with gril and black knobs on the XL, instead of the traditional gril and knobs that the Champion 100 comes with. The Fender Champion 100XL also comes with two Celestion Midnight 60s, which justify its higher average price of $ 50.

Fender Champion 100 Price

The price of Fender Champion 100 in large musical instrument stores and online sales websites is $ 399.99. While the value of the Fender Champion 100XL is USD 449.99.

Fender Champion 100.

Fender Champion 100 opinions

It’s certainly not a tube-or tube-amp, however the tone is fantastic for a solid-state amp -transistors- and its price point. 

Its digital amp and effects modeling capabilities make this amp a true all-rounder. But it must be clarified that for modern metal or heavy metal it lacks a bit of gain. That said, with this kit, you won’t need another one to practice at home, rehearse with your rock band, and play recitals in both small and medium-sized bars or pubs.

Besides its only 18.2 kg. they make it quite manageable for a 100 watt amp.

Conclusion on the Fender Champion

The Fender Champion 100 is ideal for the budget-conscious guitarist who needs an amp that will work in any situation: practice, studios, rehearsal, recitals, and gigs. Given its low price and its versatility of use with different audios and effects, it is a great option.

For more information on the guitar, visit Fender web site.

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