Celestion V-Type review: features, pros and cons

Celestion V-Type review: features, pros and cons
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Review of the Celestion V-Type guitar speaker, a model with a vintage tone and mid-range price, ideal for amps with a British voice or for Fender Hotrod style.

Celestion V-Type: A modern vintage speaker

The V-Type is a guitar speaker that combines vintage style with modern tone at a competitive price. Situated between the Celestion G12H30, Greenback and Vintage 30, the V-Type has its own personality. Ideal for British or American-Hotrod-style amps like the Fender ’68 Deluxe Reverb Custom.

V-Type Specifications

Celestion’s V-Type is a 12″ speaker with 70 watts of peak power, which makes it suitable for virtually any amplifier. Its sensitivity index is 98 dB, equal to that of the classic greenback, which shows an average performance. The magnet type is medium ceramic weighing 31 oz or 0.88 kg, giving a 7.2 oz or 3.3 kg speaker. Available with two impedance versions: 8 Ω or 16 Ω.

Celestion V-Type frequency response chart

Celestion V-Type Review Tone

The V-Type is a balanced speaker, boasting brighter than the classic Greenback, and more defined bass. Thus, its high-end is crisp, but it is not strident or harsh. Its low-end is firm at high volume. Regarding the mid frequencies, it has a compression in the middle that takes out a bit of attack and levels it perfect for miking.

Like all loudspeakers the V-Type is a bit stiff right out of the box, so it definitely needs a bit of breaking like any other speaker.

Thus, the V-Type has the characteristic sound of a Celestion with a vintage voice and a relatively cheap price. Compared to ‘H’ type heavy magnet loudspeakers, the V-Type is more airy and less heavy on the low end. So these speakers sound very warm and balanced with soft upper mids, they don’t sound shrill or boxy.

The video below not only shows how the Celestion V-Type can be combined with other speakers in the first part of it. Also, it compares them to 21 other speakers at the end, so it covers all situations with vintage Marshall crunch audio. The comparison does it with Celestion Vintage 30, Greenback, Creamback, and many more.

What amps does the Celestion V-Type pair with?

Its vintage tone and British voice with subtler mids and more sparkle make it ideal for both British gear and Fender Hotrod-type amps. So, we can find some Fender amps with a hotrod and modern tone that come loaded with this speaker like the Fender ’68 Deluxe Reverb Custom RI.

Celestion V-Type review conclusion

The Celestion V-Type Guitar Speaker has an authentic Celestion tone with vintage character and tactile response to your guitar playing, filling it with expressiveness. The V-Type will give you true balanced clean across all frequencies: lows, mids and highs, with a chime that will add clarity and definition to your tone.

Its Overdrive sound will give you rocky tones with lots of warm mids that will give it an ideal presence for solo guitars. You may feel that it lacks the medium and body of other speakers with a larger magnet, but precisely the virtue of this speaker is the balance it achieves to be able to be used in a British or American equipment with total satisfaction. In conclusion, it is an excellent speaker regardless of the price that shines in the middle point between British and American tone.

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For more information visit the product page on Celestion.

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