Volumes and location in the Rehearsal Studio or Room

Volumes and location in the Rehearsal Studio or Room
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By Eric Jacobs (*)

Guide on how to handle volumes and location of the band in the rehearsal studio or room to get the best sound and monitoring.

What is a rehearsal studio?

The rehearsal studio or room is generally a confined space measuring a few square meters where the entire band with their gear barely fit.

The doors are sealed to prevent sound propagating outside the rehearsal room, so the sound pressure inside the room escalates up easily.

There is no room to stand far from the equipment. So to equalize the battery level we raise the level of the guitars and the one that suffers the consequences is the one in front of the speaker on the opposite wall.

The singer has to shout and sometimes demand the throat to be able to overcome all that volume and that something of what he is singing is heard, with the limitation of the volume by the microphone connections.

The ideal volume in the Studio

If the drummer is able to control his beat, the whole band will benefit. Since he is the one who determines the volume that all the others require, that is, he establishes the level floor.

Rehearsal rooms

The ceiling is determined by the pain threshold, and as the high and mid frequencies are very directional and are on the axis of the speaker. It is necessary to tilt or lift the equipment to direct it at the ear of the player. Otherwise they stick below your knees and to hear yourself keep turning up the volume.

Thus, with the equipment inclined upwards -or located at the height of the ears- it allows that the distinction to which we have to be to listen directly is less. Ideally, they are located at the opposite end of each guitarist, we can listen to each other without having to turn up the volume too much.

The peak sound pressure is produced by the sum of all and cannot exceed 130dB. On the contrary, if the floor level is too low – for example 110dB – then the band runs out of dynamic range. This results in a compression in which the instruments lose definition, and the sound will “fill up” turning into a “ball” that nothing will be understood.

Rehearsal room.

(*) The author is the renowned manufacturer of amplifiers, pedals and other products “Jake Amps”.

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